Local Content Strategy

Using in-house capacity, the Project has prepared a Local Content Strategy which describes how the Project will ensure that at least 40% of the value of works is spent locally. The local content ratio will be 9:1 Ugandans to foreigners. The Project has discussed with cement manufacturers to produce the low alkaline, low sulphate good grade cement required for railway construction; it has discussed with steel manufacturers to produce the steel required for the railway concrete structures. Further discussions with UNABCEC are under way to ensure sub-contractors do take on some of the civil works. Discussions with PSFU and Ministry of Education are ongoing to ensure that at least a minimum of US$700m is spent locally. To ensure that all the materials that come into the country meet the quality mark in compliance with the standard, the Ministry / Project have signed an MoU with UNBS. UNBS/Project will not only carry out pre-shipment inspections but also pre-production, in-production and post-production of the equipment, locomotives and rolling stock for SGR. UNBS will also improve their laboratories to test the construction materials that will be used on the Project as per agreed testing regime and standards. The Bureau will also recognize the Chinese Class 1 railway standards used by the Project as the official/legal standards for development of SGR.


Standard Gauge Railway Uganda
Developing the Tororo-Kampala (Eastern) and Tororo -Amuru-Packwach (Northern) routes