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The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) Project is a Government project established by Cabinet Minute 107 (CT 2015) to develop a modern, integrated, and efficient railway transport system to address both the freight and passenger transportation needs of the country.

In 2014, Uganda together with her Northern Corridor Partner States of Kenya, Rwanda and later South Sudan signed a regional SGR Protocol to develop a seamless transport system interconnecting their cities as well as connecting them to the coast of Mombasa. Todate the DR Congo has also expressed interest in joining the initiative.

Uganda ratified the Protocol through Cabinet Minute 62 (CT 2015). The Project is therefore expected to discharge its mandate in the most cost effective and business-like manner and in
accordance with modern management practices.


Standard Gauge Railway Uganda
Developing the Tororo-Kampala (Eastern) and Tororo -Amuru-Packwach (Northern) routes