Are you doing Class I since Ethiopia did class II but has speed of 120kph for passengers

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 13:58 -- sgradmin

Uganda has designed for China Class 1 at speed of 120kph for passengers. The speed for passengers for 120kph is both in class I and class II. However you should not that (i) you cannot use only one parameter to judge the difference between class I and class II. There are over 35 parameters which are different. (ii) The speed referred to is for passenger trains but the railway is majorly designed for cargo trains. The cargo trains speed varies that class II goes for 60/80 kph while class I is 80/100kph. Therefore Uganda as Kenya are building to China Class 1 railway standards at passenger speed of 120kph and cargo at 80/100kph.


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