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Key Facts about SGR

Railway is the most cost-effective mode of transport for bulk cargo. Its construction costs are approximately six times lower than those for road

Bigger, faster and safer trains

The main standard gauge railway speeds will be 100 kph for containerized freight and 120 kph for passengers.

Boosting competitiveness

The SGR will stimulate industrialisation reducing Uganda’s cost off freight from Mombasa by 69% from the current $160 to an average $50.

Economic savings

Uganda’s economy will save over $2b annually because of faster, safer and bigger railway line and trains.

Travel Time

The SGR will reduce the transportation time from the average 7-14 days to a single day of travel time from Mombasa to Kampala.

Green Rail

Reduce transport emissions from road vehicles by 72%


Provide the missing link for bulk, safe and quick transportation between Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Burundi and DR Congo

Lower road maintenance costs

Reduce road wear and tear and therefore maintenance costs by shifting over 70% of import/ export cargo from road to rail.