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SGR Local Content

Local/national content is the competitive and gainful participation of citizens and the private sector in an economic activity (in our case SGR) leading to value addition, skills and knowledge development and retention, enhancement of economic multipliers, thus economic growth and improvement of citizens welfare.

  • Local content requirements (LCRs) are policy measures that typically require a certain percentage of intermediate goods used in the production processes to be sourced from domestic manufacturers (International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), Vol. 7, 2013). Refs
  • It is promoted through supplies of goods and services, inputs, raw materials (e.g Aggregates, construction materials like cement and steel reinforcement), financial services, labour (skilled & unskilled) and security.


SGR local/national content team’s objectives are to:

  • Identify potential supplies that can be sourced into the project from within the country,
  • Investigate that local supplies that can meet the quality and quantity requirements of the SGR project,
  • Identify gaps in the local supply chains that are hindering the enforcement and implementation of local content preference,
  • Recommend and implement measures that can address the gaps and challenges or short comings identified so as to promote local content preference in SGR.


Progress so far

  • Carried assessment of capacity and product availability from our Local Manufacturers especially on cement (Tororo, Hima, and Kampala cement Industries) and steel/rebar products from (Roofings, Tian Tang Group, Tembo steel, Madvhani Steel, Steel rolling mills).
  • Carried out assessment of the availability of other local materials such as sand, aggregates, Petroleum products.
  • Bench marking carried out on major construction projects ongoing in the country to know how local content is being addressed. Team visited Karuma and Isimba Hydro power dam projects, Jinja New Nile Bridge, Entebbe expressway and obtained information from The Northern bypass Expansion Project.
  • Currently working on Human resources required under the local content to help in drawing up the National SGR human resource capacity development plan
  • Interim Report already prepared.