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Land Acquisition


To allow the acquisition of land for construction of the public project (SGR) by government from individual landowners.

Time frame
Land acquisition is a continuous process that runs throughout the whole life of the project, but currently for the Eastern route of SGR, Assessment and valuation of Project Affected Persons is complete along the 273 km stretch from Malaba to Kampala. This took us 8 months it will take approximately 6 months.

Progress so far

  • The gazette of Right of Way (RoW) is complete and can be inspected at the office of the Commissioner of Lands and Surveys Entebbe during office hours; Gazette 2015 No.64
  • The Project Management Unit has completed assessment of Project affected persons along the entire route from Malaba to Kampala.
  • 60% of the Project Affected Persons have been paid and have vacated for construction
  • MoU’s have been sent to respective districts for their input and all affected districts are highly encouraged to work with the PMU in fast tracking of all project activities after signing of the Memorandum of Understanding