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  • I am concerned that people might be cheated?

    It will not arise. All valuations will be approved by the Office of the Chief Government Valuer (CGV), Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development following known compensation rates. More also, districts have their compensation rates.
  • How come compensation rates vary?

    Compensation rates vary depending on market prices that vary along the route, district compensation rates for temporary developments that vary per district and developments on the land.
  • The existing URC has been heavily encroached, what will you do to ensure this does not occur with SGR?

    We will plant boundary markers, trees and work with local authorities and push for legislative framework.
  • How much money is available for compensation?

    There is sufficient money; there is a railway levy which is used for compensation. All imports coming to Uganda since July 2014 are subject to 1.5% of the CIF value of all the imports. UGX110bn has so far been collected
  • When Compensation delays; inflation comes in.

    The Minister proposed that no work should be done until compensation is completed but yes, lack of TIN numbers, absentee landlords, etc. are delays on the people’s part.
  • If my land title is in the bank? When it comes to compensation, what happens?

    We will liaise with the bank and discuss modalities.