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Benefits of the SGR

Economic Benefits of the standard Gauge Railway

  • Reduced cost of transport in the region making it an attractive investment destination
  • Reduced cost of doing business and enhanced regional competitiveness
  • Accelerated industrialisation through easier and cheaper transport to world markets
  • Enhanced environmental protection through reduced carbon emission
  • Reduced wear and tear on the roads leading to reduced maintenance cost
  • Enhanced freight security
  • Development and growth of cities and towns along the SGR route
  • Harnessed local potential in agriculture, mining, oil and gas, tourism, trade and industry


Social Benefits of the standard Gauge Railway

  • Direct Jobs: At least 50,000 direct jobs and 150,000 indirect jobs during the SGR construction phase
  • Local industries: large quantities of local inputs such as steel, cement, lime, aggregates, roofing materials, glass, electric power, electricity transmission materials, etc with potential to create additional 20,000 jobs
  • Service and hospitality industry: 6,000 jobs will be established to provide food, beverages, accommodation and leisure
  • Skills development: 30,000 people o acquire skills suitable for self-employment after construction period (Masons, carpenters, mechanics, electricians, etc)
  • Technology transfer: 600 engineer sand high technicians will be trained during construction and will be available for subsequent local and regional railway development
  • The local community will benefit from construction, operation and maintenance activities.